Meet the team!

2014-06-19 - Alex Reich.png

Alex Reich

Alex is a man of many hats at MinuteEarth – he writes, edits, Facebooks, Tweets, and crunches data for us. He also wears a lot of actual hats, since he lives in chilly Minnesota and has spent serious time traveling the Arctic. Even his stick figure sports a hat! And if there were a hat for sustainability, he’d wear it - he’s our go-to guy for all things food, and agriculture, and climate change.

David Goldenberg

Like most superheroes, David leads a double life. By day he is a writer and business guru for MinuteEarth, but by Twitter he becomes ‘Mr. Puntastic’ - making the world laugh (and groan) one pun at a time. He’s also our animal behavior expert – especially of the primate variety. David traveled the world researching our jungle cousins and working with conservation organizations before settling down to raise a few primates of his own.  Luckily for us, when it comes to making a great video (or a great pun), he doesn’t monkey around…

Emily Elert

There aren’t many literary geologists out there, but Emily is a rare gem. After years of teaching earth science to New York City high schoolers and digging up dirt for magazines like Discover and Popular Science, Emily brought her passion for understanding and explaining the forces of the planet to our channel. Emily’s not just a writer - she also produces, directs, and narrates videos. In other words, you’re looking at MinuteEarth’s own rock star.

2016-01-17 - Ever Salazar.png

Ever Salazar

Ever is a math lover at heart; before joining MinuteEarth he was a math teacher and gets carried away with any video that has math references or math in fancy after effects animations. He’s also our resident translations, internet culture, and cuteness expert (being Venezuelan helps with at least one of these). When he’s not working on MinuteEarth – and maybe sometimes while he is – he spends his time thinking about pokemon, playing Zelda, making platonic solids and hyperbolic surfaces in origami, eating baby food, and watching Game of Thrones.

2014-06-19 - Henry Bubble.png

Henry Reich

Henry is the collection of atoms behind MinutePhysics. He is a trained physicist who excels at using stick figures, visual effects and puns to explain complicated concepts. He’s very knowledgeable and loves science, music, cold winters, cross-country skiing and running. He also speaks Parseltongue with his three adorable pet snakes.

2016-09-28 - Kate Yoshida.png

Kate Yoshida

Kate rides horses into the sunset in the US southwest. She has a Ph.D. in hyenas and takes care of a menagerie of animals, including a Griffin. Unsurprisingly, she is responsible for many of our animal-themed videos, and she also has a hand in most everything else as an editor, director, and herder of cats, trying to keep the rest of us on schedule.

Melissa Hayes

Melissa has a thing for bees. Her family runs a bee farm. She likes to make art out of layers of their wax. Even her daughter is named Bea (ok, Beatrice). So when it comes to MinuteEarth, it’s no surprise that the park ranger-turned-lawyer also minds all of our beeswax. By managing our legal and business affairs, she turns our swarm of chaos into a thriving hive.

Nathaniel Schroeder

Nathaniel's colorful voice is in every single MinuteEarth video. You'll hear it as guitar and bass strings vibrating along with other musical - and magical - sounds. He does music for MinutePhysics too, so if you have been around on Youtube for a while, you have probably listened to his tracks at some point.

Peter Reich

Peter is MinuteEarth’s green thumb – he even grew two members of the MinuteEarth team! And after watching Henry blossom from a creator of Lord of the Rings spoofs (circa 2005) into a creator of excellent science videos (circa 2011), Peter had the germ of an idea for a more Earth-focused version of MinutePhysics. That idea grew roots and eventually sprouted into MinuteEarth. Today, when he’s not overseeing massive experiments at the University of Minnesota, Peter digs into his vast expertise and harvests video ideas on forest ecology and global change.

2016-09-28 - Qingyang Chen.png

Qingyang Chen

Qingyang’s background as an awesome medical illustrator makes her our in-house expert whenever we’re making a video about, say, organ transplants or brain injuries. But if it were up to her, every video we make would be about cats. In particular, they would be about the cross-Toronto adventures of her cat Waffles, the most telegenic feline on the entire internet.